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IRS Issues

IRS Issues Stephanie Knapp CPA Inc PC, Lindsay OKGetting a letter from the IRS is not usually a welcome event.  Because of the complexity of the tax code, many people let fear get in the way of handling IRS issues.  They put off dealing with what starts off as a simple issue until it has become a major problem.  If you have issues such as unpaid taxes or unfiled returns, an audit or dispute, don't delay any longer. 

Call Stephanie Knapp CPA, Inc. PC in Lindsay, Oklahoma  for an appointment to discuss your issue with complete confidentiality. 

Many people say they wish they had come to us sooner, once they talk to us about their situation.  Once we decide to take your case, we will contact the IRS on your behalf with your permission, determine what needs to be done, and assist you in resolving the issue.  Whether you need help setting up a payment arrangement, correcting a mistake on a return, filing back tax returns, or going through an audit, we can help.  We don't claim to be the miracle workers like the guys on the TV commercials, but we do find that most common tax issues can be resolved more easily with professional help. 

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